EN ISO 11612 – Protective clothing for use in radiant, convective, molten, or contact heat processes

What is EN11612?

EN11612 is a standard that specifies the need to protect your body from heat and flame (except the hands).

There are 6 categories:

A (1) – Surface Ignition, (2) – Bottom Edge Ignition

B – 3 Convective Heat

C – 4 Radiant Heat

D – 3 Molten Aluminium Splash

E – 3 Molten Iron Splash

F – 2 Contact Heat

Would I wear this special clothing?

The protective clothing should be worn for a wide range of job-roles, especially where there is a need for clothing that can prevent flames spreading and where the wearer can be exposed to radiant or convective or contact heat or to molten metal splashes. (Normally worn by industrial workers and electricians.)

What kind of clothing products would protect me?

The general requirements of the garments should have a mechanical strength and be heat resistant at a temperature of 180°C (the material should not ignite or melt, plus it should not shrink by more than 5%).

They should also have a 20cm overlap jacket and trousers. Limited flame spread and heat resistance on internal pockets, linings, labels, badges, retro reflective’s etc.

Try to use an overall, two-piece jacket and trousers, or a jacket, bib and brace that are approved to this standard.

Two-piece protective clothing must be worn together to provide your specified level of protection.

(*If chemicals or flammable liquids are accidentally splashed on the garments, the wearer should immediately move away from the affected area and carefully remove the garments, ensuring that the chemicals or liquid do not come into contact with any part of the skin.)


EN ISO 11612
The performance requirements set out in this international standard are applicable to garments which could be worn for a wide range of end uses, where there is a need for clothing with limited flame spread properties and where the user can be exposed to radiant or convective or contact heat or molten metal splashes.

Code A: Limited flame spread
Code B: Protection against Convective Heat – 3 levels
Code C: Protection against Radiant Heat – 4 levels
Code D: Protection against Molten Aluminium Splash – 3 levels
Code E: Protection against Molten Iron Splash – 3 levels
Code F: Protection against Contact Heat – 3 levels

EN ISO 11612:2008
Dimensional change
Limited Flame Spread (A1+A2)
Convective heat (B)
Radiant Heat (C)
Molten Aluminium Splash (D)
Molten Iron Splash (E)
Contact heat (F)
Heat Resistance
Tensile strength
Tear strength
Busting strength
Seam strength

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